Rafał Żak

is a film, tv and game music composer.
Welcome to his official website.

Rafal Zak is a musician, producer and composer whose multifaceted approach to work makes him one of the most versatile music composers in Poland. Standing on the shoulders of giants and drawing from what is established as the classical canon he continuously succeeds to manifest his firm grasp of popular music and modern production techniques. All this blended with his multi-instrument talents (he plays keyboards, guitar, drums and bass) proves Rafal to be an all-around artist for whom there are infinite possibilities.
Zak’s music career started with his solo art-rock project Ordinary Brainwash. A moniker, under which he released four long play concept albums to date, became a magnet for the musically-curious on the underground rock scene. Zak played all the instruments on the records, wrote and sang the lyrics as well as mixed and mastered the albums. The latest instalment in the series, called #I’mNotAddicted, was released in 2014 as a free-to-download anti-social-network-manifesto and received rave reviews among independent critics.
After the foundation of his career was firmly set in art and science of music production, Rafal ventured into a new field - commercial music - and scored a great number of TV commercials. The long list of clients he worked with includes Samsung, Polpharma, PLL LOT, PGNiG, Castorama, Pfizer, Wizzair, Aflofarm, Tyskie, Orange and Ursus, among others.
Zak is known for his creative and to-the-point approach to writing for media. He strives to provide exactly what the project needs, succeeding to do so, time and again.

A selection of recent works:

Big-Active Ceylon Tea

Samsung Galaxy S7 x Szymon i Dawid Godziek | Zostań legendą PRECYZJA


Samsung Galaxy S7 x Joanna Jędrzejczyk | Zostań legendą ADRENALINA

Samsung Galaxy S7 x Maja Kuczyńska | Zostań legendą ENERGIA

Samsung Galaxy S7 x Kuba Przygoński | Zostań legendą ODPORNOŚĆ

Samsung ‘Live for Emotion’ Director’s Cut

“Lotek” / PLL LOT

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